Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands by Keith Farley

In large part, I make platinum engagement rings and platinum wedding bands due to the recent popularity of this intensely white metal. Please note that I also make gold engagement rings and gold wedding bands. ALSO, due to the excessively high cost of platinum, I've begun making palladium wedding bands and palladium engagement rings. As of yet, I don't have examples I can show of palladium engagement rings, so please see what I've made using platinum and/or white gold to provide an idea regarding the rings I make.

In these web pages I've so far included only a very small handful of examples of the rings I've made. There are MANY more that I'm finally beginning to incorporate into the pages. In the meantime, if you'd be interested in seeing more of what I make in the area of engagement rings and/or wedding bands, please email me at this link or on the email tab in the upper left portion of my web pages...
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Immediately below I'm including links to some additional pages I've recently completed showing some other rings. This will provide you greater access and understanding regarding my work. There's LOTS more coming...

Wedding Rings

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