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platinum jewelry
contemporary engagement rings and wedding bands

Much of my business is geared toward creating exquisite
engagement and wedding rings, each bearing unique qualities,
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gold and white gold engagement rings
, or gold and white gold wedding bands. Additionally, due to the high cost of platinum, I've begun making palladium wedding bands and palladium engagement rings. I also specialize in closely fitting engagement and wedding rings together as engagement and wedding ring sets. Many of the engagement rings I make share much the same visual appearance as tension set rings. At the page located at I describe the reasons why I don't set stones by the tension setting method.

I also make jewelry using colored gems and precious stones as well as diamonds. In addition to diamonds, I have great resources for tanzanite, rubies and sapphires to name just a few. I most enjoy working with unique gemstones, ones that challenge my capabilities both as a designer as well as in the technical aspects of actually making the particular piece. I make both platinum jewelry and gold jewelry including platinum and gold rings, platinum and gold pendants, as well as platinum and gold earrings. I occasionally get wild and make whimsical jewelry that's simply fun. contemporary jewelry
contemporary sculpture
My interests don't end with jewelry. I also create contemporary sculpture. The lines, forms, and many of the design sensibilities seen in my jewelry are seen also in my interactive sculpture. Nearly all the sculpture seen on my website is of at least human scale, making it engaging and easy to approach. Of notable interest with these works are the interactions of systems and people, the notion of entropy as well as the exploration of the nature of existence and our places here, wherever "here" may be.

I'm intrigued by objects exhibiting a clearly utilitarian nature. When examined in depth, a sense of much of our history and thinking can likely be assimilated and better understood from these types of objects than by history learned from books. Some of the objects included in the "objects" area include heirloom silver baby rattles , a bronze vessel with a beautiful green patina, as well as a
contemporary sterling silver teapot.

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